Whether it's a school project or something completely random that I whipped up, I'm working on a handful of projects at any given time and some of them will be uploaded here.

Bus Tour of Songhai

Bus Tour of Songhai Preview

It was made during Ancient World History in 2015. The assignment was to make a bus tour of a given african civilization through the use of poster boards and maps. I found that to be boring, so I made the tour in Construct 2 so it could be an interactive presentation with simple animation. It centers around Songhai's great cities and leaders before it was invaded. Playable in browser.

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Gaben Color Converter

Color Converter Preview

In the website design j-term we were tasked with applying our own styles to a page that converts hexadecimal color values to decimal color values. I went one step further.

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Portfolio Preview

Made as the final project to a Dreamweaver course, it serves a similar purpose to the main site but with different styling and no mobile optimization.

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The Little Hacker That Could

HackISU Preview

A small choose your own adventure story coded in PHP at HackISU 2017. Within 36 hours my partner Lauren and I taught ourselves PHP and coded this story.

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A special gift for my friend Michael's birthday.

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Calm Preview

A calming page with a calming background and calming music for the sake of being calming.

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