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This is the portfolio section of Hyper Lamp, all about me and what I've done. The games tab tells a brief history of each game. To see some projects from classes I'm in or have been in, click on the classes tab. To learn more about me, the about me tab is the place to go.


About Hyper Lamp

History and purpose

While the website has only been in existence for a year, Hyper Lamp (in it's simplest form) has existed since 2014. It started in Video Game Development I class where the very first assignment was to make a game about a bouncing ball. We had the option of personalization, so the ball was replaced with a lamp and sped it up excessively. The objective became catching the lamp and clicking it, which was difficult because of it's hyper nature. That's when the title Hyper Lamp became established, and the lamp has been used in every game I made since then. Over the next 2 years over 30 (very simple) games were made, each with the main character being a lamp. It's been turned into a car, boat, spaceship, even a cow to make it fit into every single game made.


Hyper Lamp as a website was made in Websites for the Masses, a J-Term class in 2016, with the purpose of hosting all of the games I made throughout high school. Sadly all of the games were made on the school's desktops which were wiped in late 2015. The only surviving games, all hosted on the main site page, survived because backups were made to be worked on outside of class.


The first two games (Lamp Battle and PokeLamp) were made in GameMaker, which is why only the exported executables exist. Video Game Development III was the last available game development class, so Hyper Lamp - the game was made as the final project. It was meant to be the last game I made, so it was given the title of the first. The next semester, Video Game Development IV was unexpectedly announced, so I joined in and worked on a team for Hyper Lamp 2.0. Unlike the first Hyper Lamp, which was made solely by me, I only designed the art, and it was never completed.


New uses

More recently, the website has been used to host some class projects like the Tour of Songhai. Now it's hosting this portfolio that you are reading. Throughout the coming years, I expect Hyper Lamp to be growing and expanding as I am.


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